JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Ah, the only flaw in "Triumff"

Which I'd forgotten until I read it again. Character milking a heifer. It's only a brief moment in the tale and I grasp that this is the present-day of an alternate universe where Magick was developed instead of technology in most of the world (except for Beach, which we know as Australia ... the native peoples there decided Magick was a developmental dead end 300 years ago and currently have gleaming high-tech cities and excellent sanitation and health care). But some things cannot be explained away by the ol' AU gambit and the fact that you don't get milk from heifers is one of them.

For the baffled, where I grew up farming/livestock terminology tends to be very precise because it's often important. A female cattlebeast (yes m'dears, that is the singular of the plural "cattle") was a heifer from the day of her birth to the conception of her first calf. For the duration of her first pregnancy she was a bred heifer. She became a cow when she gave birth to her first calf and let down colostrum and then milk for that calf and retained that status to the end of her days.

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