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Y'know ... - The Bibliophile
Too busy reading most likely ...
Y'know ...
... listening to a BBC Radio program about perception which includes food textures and having someone talking about how the same yogurt will be perceived as thicker when eaten with a plastic spoon than if eaten with a metal spoon while one is actually eating yogurt can somewhat mess up one's own at-the-moment real-life perceptions of what one is currently consuming.

I kept trying to analyze what was in my mouth.

For the record, I was using a metal spoon.
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kejn From: kejn Date: 25th October 2015 13:12 (UTC) (Other places)
three things i prefer to eat with a plastic spoon : yogurt, ice cream and boiled egg. did BBC mention egg and ice cream too? :)
jlsjlsjls From: jlsjlsjls Date: 25th October 2015 15:09 (UTC) (Other places)
Whereas I prefer metal and only use plastic if there are no other options on offer.

No specific mention of ice cream or egg, but I would assume the same principle applies ... the flimsier the utensil, the thicker/creamier the food is perceived by us. Then they went on to colour of plates and other factors that alter human perceptions of foods. It was this episode of "Material World" if you want to hear it ... quite interesting stuff. :-) (scroll down a bit and there's a link that'll take you to that specific segment of the show: "Cutlery Changes Tastes")
kejn From: kejn Date: 25th October 2015 16:02 (UTC) (Other places)
cool, i went and had a listen.
hmmm, flimsy lightweight spoon makes the food seem richer and more luxurious... ok. but i also think that switching to plastic makes me imagine it's somewhat of a special occasion and am getting a "special treat" - like getting freshly made gelato from a stand in the park instead of just pulling out the same old ice cream bucket from the freezer at home. we all know food tastes better outside, and not having to do dishes after the treat makes it even sweeter! :)

egg i prefer plastic spoon for because i know silver reacts with the sulphur in eggs to make a foul taste (and discoloration) and my brain extrapolates that to any steel spoon. :)

interestingly, they mention food eaten with your hands. i do think the food i had in india tasted even better when i went "native" and ate it with my fingers instead of cutlery.
jlsjlsjls From: jlsjlsjls Date: 25th October 2015 20:22 (UTC) (Other places)
Ah! Makes sense that we all also have personal associations that further affect our food perceptions.

I grew up using steel cutlery, with silver only occasionally brought out for special dinners and never for boiled egg breakfasts. And since most of my family doens't care for fish the acidic steel/fish reaction which makes a similar bad taste never arose to force us to use the silver more often (and thus I didn't know this implement/food contamination existed until I read Henry Petroski's The Evolution of Useful Things).

My sibs and I grew up calling stainless steel coffee spoons "egg spoons" because we always used those for eating our boiled eggs (their tininess being ideal for maneuvering inside the eggshell) and my parents used teaspoons for stirring their coffee so we never saw the proper coffee spoons used in the way they were intended.

Edited at 2015-10-25 20:24 (UTC)
kejn From: kejn Date: 27th October 2015 08:50 (UTC) (Other places)
i'm glad we never had caviar spoons in my family. god knows what they would have been used for! :D
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