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I suppose I should be grateful ... - The Bibliophile
Too busy reading most likely ...
I suppose I should be grateful ...
... that yarn shops are pretty much the only place where I have no willpower. I only went in for a circular needle in a size I lack that I need for a planned project (for which I already had the yarn), I swear! But somehow these happened.

Two skeins Malabrigo Mechita (I'm supposed to pass up a yarn that's only one letter away from being the riding animals in Cherryh's "Foreigner" books?) in "Diana" and "Archangel" colourways; one skein Malabrigo Rios in "Teal Feather" (which I got because I think it'll look amazing paired with the skein in Glazed Carrot that I already own), and one Crazy Zauberball in "Papagei" (I already had a ball of this colourway but the patterns I've been eyeing for it require more than one ball; turns out this new ball is the same dyelot as the first one so bonus!). The Malabrigo yarns are all 100% pure merino superwash, the Zauberball is 75% virgin wool/25% nylon.



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