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This could be dangerous ...

I just discovered a new (new-to-me AND newly-in-business) Canadian online yarn dealer who's carrying Colinette Jitterbug! Jitterbug is an absolutely scrummy handpainted merino yarn from Wales and my three pairs of socks made from it are my absolute favourites (always the first ones worn after I've done sock laundry). Two of the yarn stores here used to carry it but haven't seen it around in ages ... not since the company announced they were going to sell the yarn in larger skeins (which made many knitters happy as Jitterbug is the densest of fingering yarns and thus there was less yardage to a skein than in the same weight of regular fingering; less yardage = shorter socks and people often running out of yarn if they were working top-to-toe). And as well having the larger skeins this new shop is stocking WAY more of the hundreds of Colinette colourways than the local stores did (they both had the same half dozen colours and I collected them all).

So 'scuse me while I drool on my monitor for a while ...

Edited to add: The Damages.

I went for colours outside of my usual range, just to broaden the yarn colour palette I have on hand here (that's my excuse and I think it's a darned good one!): Velvet Olive, Lapis, and Sunflower Susie. And was pleasantly surprised by the low shipping rate charged (postage in Canada isn't cheap)

P.S. Just found their shop profile on Ravelry ... all the I-bought-yarn-here entries are Jitterbug. ***GRIN***
P.P.S. Holy cow! Received a shipping confirmation less than two hours after placing my order. On a Sunday. The middle day of a long weekend. Realize that this merely means they've printed the address label, but still, that's EAGER. Apparently the business only went live ten days ago so guess getting an order is exciting.
Tags: knitting

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