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The end - The Bibliophile
Too busy reading most likely ...
The end
Devoted a chunk of today to reading Terry Pratchett's final Discworld novel, The Shepherd's Crown. And now I'm sad to have reached the end of the end. But oh, what an end! He finished it beautifully. I'll miss having new volumes of Discworld to look forward to each year, but at least when I get 'round to re-reading the entire series from start to finish I'll know that that finish is something worthy of reaching.

I'm not entirely out of new-to-me Pratchett to read; the fourth Long Earth book co-authored with Stephen Baxter is still in my to-read pile (and, according to the afterword in "The Shepherd's Crown" a fifth volume in this series was written before his death). But there'll never again be anything quite like Discworld.

We will, of course, be hoping very VERY hard that nobody gets the notion of hiring some other writer to attempt to continue the series. Because ... no, just NO!


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libwitch From: libwitch Date: 15th October 2015 13:25 (UTC) (Other places)
His daughter - who has legal rights to the series - has already said the answer to that is a very solid no. (I am less clear if she will put a solid kabosh on say, the Sky Tv productions or related tie books - such as the Folklore of .... or Science of...), but that seems likely as well, since he always had a very clear role in them as well.
jlsjlsjls From: jlsjlsjls Date: 15th October 2015 22:57 (UTC) (Other places)
I'd figured that, knowing how Pratchett felt about others messing with his toys, he'd have made some sort of provision for blocking any kind of ghost authoring. And he owned the film/television/radio/audio/any-other-media-you-can-think-of rights to all his books (I've always loved that he bought all those back as soon as he could afford to) so those should be safe as well. Internet Movie DataBase shows one short film in post-production (so presumably Pratchett had some input into that one) and Truckers as "announced" with a screenwriter and a director named, but nothing more.
2 thoughts or The gift of your thoughts