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Because the proof is in the photoing :-) - The Bibliophile
Too busy reading most likely ...
Because the proof is in the photoing :-)
Perfect tiny orange buttons close up ...



I thought finding orange buttons that were both small enough for the buttonholes AND actually matched the shade of the yarn was a challenge ... the evening earlier this week that I finally sewed those buttons on is when I learned that the true challenge was finding a needle that had an eye that was large enough for the yarn and also small enough to fit through the holes in the buttons. ;p Fortunately much digging through my sewing box eventually produced one that met both qualifications.

And I did wear the shawl the next day. And damned near melted, even though the morning was frosty, because I forgot the yarn was an wool/alpaca blend rather than just pure wool (alpaca is seven times warmer than wool). But overall I like shawls for those fall days that are cool enough for long sleeves but still not cool enough for an entire jacket over top of them ... a shawl slung scarf-style 'round just the tops of one's shoulders (kinda like this or this**) on a slightly nippy morning intercepts heat rising off the body and keeps all of you feeling comfortably warm, like a hat for the torso instead of the head (and easily tuck into one's bag or pocket when you don't need them)

**So far I've never had the need to pin, tie or clutch at my shawls to keep them on (honestly, what's the point of a garment that requires one or both of your hands to stay on?) ... make the right shapes (semi-circular, faroese, and elongated triangles work best ... regular triangles are the ones that need pinning, tying or clutching since they don't correspond to the shape of human shoulders) and make sure enough length is hanging front and back for for balance and and if they're made of wool (or at least half wool) they'll cling just enough to themselves to stay put.


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