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More recreational reading ... - The Bibliophile
Too busy reading most likely ...
More recreational reading ...
Had a sudden urge to start re-reading James Turner's Nil last night and have been continuing it this morning. Dunno why the urge happened but glad I indulged it ... I'd forgotten how many little "attitude problems" I share with the author/illustrator. I thought this way LONG before this book was published ... maybe it's a just something to do with us both being Canadian (that whole reputation for being "nice" thing is just a front ***GRIN***)


And a poster on a wall in a panel background ("Nil" takes forever to read because the backgrounds are crammed with this stuff). Though I'd never go so far as eating a stupid person after killing 'em. Not from any scruples but from the possbility that stupidity might be a prion condition and I wouldn't want to catch it. ;p


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