JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

My it's bright today!

Now home from the optometrist with hugely dilated pupils and a vampirish desire to avoid light. But, as always, a clean bill of eye health so it's worth it. Was told by the person who put the drops in that I was the easiest application she'd ever done (I don't blink, flinch, or twitch when somebody else does this to me) and was also told by the doc that, to his knowledge, I was the most successful multifocal contact lens patient they'd ever had; I think this latter isn't really an accomplishment on my part since my eyes are what they are, but part of it may be down to my making a point of always discussing what my personal visual needs are rather than just passively accepting whatever textbook prescription is handed to me (and just as much down to having the luck to be seeing an optometrist who is a bit of a maverick and believes in customizing when it comes to testing and correcting vision)

So all is good and now gonna curl up somewhere with a nice, non-reflective paper book to read. ;-P

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