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Some gentle entertainment ...

Have started re-reading R.A. MacAvoy's Tea with the black dragon so that I can next read, for the first time, its sequel (whose existence I only discovered recently) with the tale's beloved characters fresh in my mind. I swear, every read is just as, if not more, delightful as that very first time over thirty years ago and main characters Martha Macnamara and Mayland Long never lose an iota of their adorableness.

And they have such wonderful (and beautifully described) moments together:
His expression went blank--as blank as it had been when she teased him about the word "Oolong." Then Mayland Long laughed, a low rumble which ran along the walls of the room, echoed in corners and tangled among the legs of the wooden chairs.

Shame that the current edition of the book has such a boring cover ... I treasure my elderly paperback just because of its cover painting that perfectly matches the description of the dragon statue in Mayland Long's sitting room, right down to the teacup. :-)
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