JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Knitting progress

Giving my fingers a break from all the skinny yarns/needles project by taking my second shot at making Bloody Stupid Johnson. Did a trial run on making this a long while ago with yarn that was far too bland (plain brown), just went far enough in it to get a handle on how the construction worked. This yarn is far better with enough colour variation to be interesting but not so varied as to drown out the cables (showing far too pale in this photo; see true colour here). Hat is knitted bottom to top; did the "normal" ribbing last night plus the stitching back and forth on one side of that that begins the lopsidedness. Now working on the cable which is at right angles to the ribbing (aka "sideways"); the blue yarn is a temporary cast-on which will be pulled out when I finish the cable so that the final row of stitches can be grafted to the first to make a continuous band. After that I get to do the right angle switch again and continue the hat upwards to the top, with a little more lopsidedness built in along the way. :-)

Tags: knitting

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