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Since I do tend ... - The Bibliophile
Too busy reading most likely ...
Since I do tend ...
... to rave about BBC Radio shows I love/have become addicted to, thought it'd be a good idea to list my favourites ... the ones I'll happily listen to over and over ... all in one place. I use the BBC iPlayer to listen, to save favourites (so I'll know when they're available for listening), and to explore and discover new shows. Most episodes are available for at least seven days after broadcast; lately I've noticed that many are now available for thirty days.

Some of the shows I love that are currently being broadcast (in the order of broadcast they happen to be in in my BBC iPlayer):

The Goon Show

Hancock's Half Hour

After Henry

Old Harry's Game

My First Planet

Steptoe and Son

The Leopard in Autumn

I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again

Fry's English Delight

Round the Horne

Discovery (over 300 episodes permanently available)

Absolute Power

Terry Pratchett: Eric

Revolting People

The Infinite Monkey Cage (over 50 episodes permanently available)

The Living World (over 100 episodes permanently available)

A Guide to Garden Wildlife (5-episode documentary permanently available)

Silk (2-episode documentary permanently available)

Our Libraries: The Next Chapter (2-episode documentary permanently available)

Material World (over 300 episodes permanently available)

Disability: A New History (10-episode documentary permanently available)

Sexual Nature: A Brief Natural History of Sex (2-episode documentary permanently available)

A Guide to Mountain and Moorland Birds (5-episode documentary permanently available)

In Pursuit of the Ridiculous (5-episode documentary permanently available)

Through Persian Eyes (3-episode documentary permanently available)

A Life With ... (11-episode documentary permanently available)

Black is a Country (2-episode documentary permanently available)

A History of the Brain (10-episode documentary permanently available)

In Our Own Image - Evolving Humanity (2-episode documentary permanently available)

The Eureka Years (4-episode documentary permanently available)

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen's Men of Fashion (9-episode documentary permanently available)

Fascinating Deaths (2-episode documentary permanently available)

The Roman Way (4-episode documentary permanently available)


4 thoughts or The gift of your thoughts
zappo From: zappo Date: 31st August 2015 06:57 (UTC) (Other places)
Wow, this is like the History of Radio Comedy that was on the BBC World Service ca 1990 when I recorded some of it through the static - only updated and expanded! Great list, thanks for the pointers.
jlsjlsjls From: jlsjlsjls Date: 1st September 2015 02:20 (UTC) (Other places)
You're welcome. Maybe someday I'll post the rest of my BBC iPlayer favourites ... the shows that aren't currently being broadcast but will hopefully be rerun one day. That list would be somewhat longer than this one. ;-)
zappo From: zappo Date: 1st September 2015 06:11 (UTC) (Other places)
A brief glance at archive.org (I was looking for more Norwegian humour) turned up John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme for easy download - which I did. 22 eps!

I know there is even more audio stuff there, I've really just looked for old time radio Sherlock Holmes stuff yet. Of which there are several days' worth of listening :)
jlsjlsjls From: jlsjlsjls Date: 1st September 2015 12:59 (UTC) (Other places)
Absolutely LOVE "John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme" ... the man is a comedic genius.

Recommend you listen while sitting on the floor ... saves one from the inevitable bruising caused by falling off one's chair laughing. ;p
4 thoughts or The gift of your thoughts