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Yesterday I listened to the entire BBC dramatization of Good Omens. Twice. Oh, it was MARVELOUS! The CD release has expanded episodes (translation: all the bits they had to cut to squeeze it into the radio braodcast timeslot are back in) plus an outtakes section at the end. Highlights: Pratchett and Gaiman in cameo roles as the cops who make the mistake of trying to nail Crowley for speeding. And, in the outtakes: Peter Serafinowicz, who played Crowley, repeatedly mispronouncing his own character's name; maybe, compared to his real name, two syllables was too simple? ***GRIN*** (was also refreshing to hear outtakes where the cast and crew were actually being funny and sometimes downright witty with their flubs instead of just swearing ... possibly something to do with there being four kids in the cast but I'd like to believe it's down to them all being classy people)

Definitely recommended listening in both radio and CD versions.

Bonus: here's the Pratchett/Gaiman cameo bit!

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