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And in actual knitting progress ... - The Bibliophile
Too busy reading most likely ...
And in actual knitting progress ...
Not much ... I've mainly been reading lately rather than stitching. But when I have been in the mood for sticks'n'string I've been adding rows to Aguo, just because of the fascinating complexity of the border (that scraggly-looking jagged edge on the left is going to block out into scallops). Currently 18 rows into my third time through the 32-row patterning and still alternating between the two balls of yarn every two rows to blend the slight colour differences that happen with hand and kettle-dyed fibres. Glad I chose to do this as not only was one skein a little darker than the other, the dark one is stronger on the blue/purple underdyes while the lighter one is stronger with greens.

Not entirely colourtrue as the still smoke-weird sunlight is washing out the purples. But giving great shadows to make the stitchery visible. :-)


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