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:-) - The Bibliophile
Too busy reading most likely ...
According to tracking my fancy new knitting needle tips cleared Customs earlier today. So they should show up in my mailbox sometime this week! According to others who've already received theirs the surface texture is different enough to change one's stitch gauge, so switching out my wood tips of the same size in an existing project is not a good idea. So, gosh darn, I'll just have to start yet another new one to try 'em out. ;p

And the current obsession (on needles somewhat smaller than the awaited 4mm) is progressing ... a mixture of central/eastern European twisted stitches and Japanese wraps. Not difficult provided one keeps careful track of where one is in the instructions; the patterned border is 32 rows for one design repeat and is also true lace because a variety of stitches are worked in every row**. The yarn is yet again one of those tricky colourways that will likely never photograph well ... a mix of blues/purples/greens overdyed with a soft gray. Since one skein is slightly darker than the other (perfect matches in hand or kettle-dyed yarns are rare and this is the latter) I've been switching between them every two rows rather than knitting all of one and then all of the other and having a visible line halfway through the shawl.


**In knitting true lace has stitch patterning in every row, on both the front and back sides of the fabric. Many openwork patterns are "lacy" rather than "lace", defined as having stitch patterning only happening on the front side rows and plain purl (usually) or plain knit (sometimes) stitches on the back side rows.


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