JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

The joy of good tools

Got an email notice today that a pair of Northern Light Nickel needle tips are on their way to me! Had to wait for them to be manufactured after ordering but soon they'll really be mine! Only ordered a pair of 4mm to try because that's the size I seem to use the most (to the point of my continually stealing my 4mm wood tips from one project to work on another); word is that the Nickels are amazing to use.

So all I'll need once they get here is weather cool enough to use 'em (nickel plated needles are SLICK so one really doesn't want to try maneuvering them in sweaty hands)

P.S. If you jawdropped at the price, let me assure you that these are far from being the most expensive knitting needles in existence ... you oughta see what Signatures cost! (and one of these days I DO need to order from them because they're the only company that makes glove needles)
Tags: knitting

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