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Guess what showed up at work today! - The Bibliophile
Too busy reading most likely ...
Guess what showed up at work today!
Cabin Pressure from A to Z. Serious SQUEEE!!! I missed the final "Zurich" episode at Christmastime due to having my nose in various books instead of monitoring the BBC Radio listings. So I'm now on my third listen to that 'cause it's so wonderful (***currently giggling at plane auction once again right now***). The half hour of writer/Arthur performer John Finnemore and producer David Tyler reminiscing about making the show and playing various scenes that had to be cut for time (and a blooper of Anthony Head repeatedly tripping over a scripted tongue twister) is a lovely bonus. And the booklet has ALL the cockpit games listed and the complete detailed rules for both The Travelling Lemon and Yellow Car. I need to settle down now with that booklet for a page-by-page examination because it apparently IS a game of The Travelling Lemon.

Got a long weekend coming up ... looking forward to re-listening my way through the entire alphabet during it. :-)


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