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:-) - The Bibliophile
Too busy reading most likely ...
Canada Day tomorrow. Body is going to be very confused by two-days-with-alarm-clock, one-day-no-alarm-clock, two-days-with-alarm-clock week. Brain already so accustomed to being confused that it considers that state the norm and will probably go catatonic if ever confronted with logic and order.

And to kick the holiday off, this was the state of my neighbourhood when I left work today, except that the rain (or rather, the pouring water ... there were no discernible individual raindrops) was still coming down at the time (this is a shopping centre parking lot a few blocks from work). Arrived home soaked from the waist down due to a combo of wading through calf-high sidewalk/street rivers and hydroplaning vehicles passing by; between street flooding, crap visibility, and too many drivers not adjusting to/for either (I could hear police, fire, and ambulance sirens starting up in every direction and knew the vast majority of those'd be down to road idiocy), I figured it'd be safer to just walk home rather than risk trying to get across the four-lane street to the bus stop. Perfectly dry from the waist up though ... that Burberry umbrella I splurged on a couple of years ago doesn't even notice wind no matter which way I need to tilt it to block the rain (ribs don't even hint at flexing and it doesn't push or fill-and-pull either, as if the air just flows around it instead of against it. Couple more cloudbursts like this and I'll consider it to have paid for itself. :-)
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sealwhiskers From: sealwhiskers Date: 1st July 2015 17:26 (UTC) (Other places)
Oh my, that's some mighty flooding going on. I admit, I still get a little bit of a ptsd reaction from seeing things like that.
jlsjlsjls From: jlsjlsjls Date: 1st July 2015 18:51 (UTC) (Other places)
Aw sorry, sweetie ***HUGS*** ... had no intent to trigger anybody. That's not river flood ... just the aftermath of twenty minutes of hard rain in a city where too many lazy sods don't take responsibility for keeping storm drains clear and it was mostly gone within a couple of hours of the rain stopping (community responsibility by-laws include, along with snow clearance of sidewalks on your frontage, ensuring that garbage isn't blocking any drains on your frontage ... I"d say around here only 25% clear the snow and far less bother with the drains)

In my case I'm quite safe; I live just below the crest of a ridge of the highest ground between two rivers** and much higher than the tops of their deep-dug floodplains as well ... the only way I could be flooded would be the return of the inland sea (and even then I suspect I'd likely be on the beach or a close-to-shore island). Work is also close to the top of the same ridge (most of my walk home was on a park footpath along the crest ... just had to wade uphill against downhill-running water to get to it)

**Calgary's downtown, on the other hand, is in the doublewhammy floodplain where the two rivers join ... that's why it also flooded so badly a couple of years ago. Human history ... we settle close to a water supply when we have to carry it and then don't have sense enough to move higher once we invent plumbing. Except for Lethbridge, where I used to live, where all existing buildings were jacked up and moved out of the floodplain decades ago and the whole valley designated as park and nature reserve instead.
2 thoughts or The gift of your thoughts