JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,


Canada Day tomorrow. Body is going to be very confused by two-days-with-alarm-clock, one-day-no-alarm-clock, two-days-with-alarm-clock week. Brain already so accustomed to being confused that it considers that state the norm and will probably go catatonic if ever confronted with logic and order.

And to kick the holiday off, this was the state of my neighbourhood when I left work today, except that the rain (or rather, the pouring water ... there were no discernible individual raindrops) was still coming down at the time (this is a shopping centre parking lot a few blocks from work). Arrived home soaked from the waist down due to a combo of wading through calf-high sidewalk/street rivers and hydroplaning vehicles passing by; between street flooding, crap visibility, and too many drivers not adjusting to/for either (I could hear police, fire, and ambulance sirens starting up in every direction and knew the vast majority of those'd be down to road idiocy), I figured it'd be safer to just walk home rather than risk trying to get across the four-lane street to the bus stop. Perfectly dry from the waist up though ... that Burberry umbrella I splurged on a couple of years ago doesn't even notice wind no matter which way I need to tilt it to block the rain (ribs don't even hint at flexing and it doesn't push or fill-and-pull either, as if the air just flows around it instead of against it. Couple more cloudbursts like this and I'll consider it to have paid for itself. :-)

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