JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Oh goody!

3:33 PM MDT Friday 26 June 2015
Special weather statement in effect for:
•City of Calgary

Temperatures well above normal this weekend.

A strong ridge of high pressure will continue to build over Western Canada this weekend allowing hot air to invade Southern and Central Alberta. The warmest temperatures are expected Saturday and Sunday afternoon where daytime highs are forecast to reach into the low to mid 30's. Temperatures will be warmest in southeastern portions of the province where daytime highs are forecast to reach 38 degrees. Overnight lows are also forecast to remain in the mid to upper teens therefore limiting any reprieve from the heat. At this time temperatures are forecast to remain quite warm until Monday in Central Alberta and will persist through Canada Day across southeastern portions of the province.

The public is advised to monitor future forecasts as a heat warning may be required if the temperature or humidex reaches 40 degrees.

Guess who's going to be doing her very best impersonation of something that lives under a rock all weekend?

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