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Yet another SQUEEE!!!

Last year around this time I posted about my love of Brett Halliday's Mike Shayne books, wonder at how something so massively popular in its day had completely disappeared from the publishing world, aside from the lonely reprint of volume eleven in both paper and ebook formats.

Well the Kobo gods must have been listening because they are releasing volumes 1-10 and 12-21 as ebooks this summer!!! (that reissue of volume 11 is still available to go with 'em ... just has an original cover instead of the updated ones these new releases sport). One can only fantasize that this might lead to the rest of the series (there were 77 titles in total) also coming out. The titles available for preorder so far are:

1) Dividend on death*
2) The private practice of Michael Shayne*
3) The uncomplaining corpses
4) Tickets for death
5) Bodies are where you find them*
6) The corpse came calling*
7) Murder wears a mummer's mask
8) Heads you lose*
9) Michael Shayne's long chance
10) Murder and the married virgin*
11) The already-reissued Murder is my business*
12) Marked for murder
13) Blood on Biscayne Bay
14) Counterfeit wife
15) Blood on the stars
16) A taste for violence*
17) Call for Michael Shayne
18) This is it, Michael Shayne*
19) Framed in blood
20) What really happened*
21) When Dorinda dances

The asterisks mark the titles I have in paper editions in my library (or on my Kobo in the case of #11) so now I'm going to be able to fill in the gaps in Mike's early years. Can't wait!!! :-)
Tags: bookseries: mikeshayne, reading

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