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The plan always was ... - The Bibliophile
Too busy reading most likely ...
The plan always was ...
... that if I ever made a quilt I wanted to do a bedspread.


And now I'm playing the fun game called where-the-hell-is-the-credit-card-receipt???!!! Which was in the bag with the fabric, which stayed untouched until I emptied it on top of the bed this morning to take photos, which had the name of the shop on it, and now there's no flippin' sign of the thing! Transaction with details will show up online but not likely until late tomorrow or Tuesday (festival only ended twenty minutes ago and they gotta drive back home) but I want the name of the store NOW so I can see if they deal online (as I said, that kind of width in that type of fabric is rare, I've never seen it in any of the stores here, and I might want more one day)

Edited to add: Ha! Found' em! Knew that either the town or the shop name began with "V", turned out to be the latter: Veronica's Sewing Supplies. Look at all the quilt backs!!! (mine is "Red Essential Scroll")
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