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From the Calgary Quilt Festival vendors' tent ... - The Bibliophile
Too busy reading most likely ...
From the Calgary Quilt Festival vendors' tent ...
... or, as Eartha Kitt put it, "beaucoup de loot!"

The vendors' tent was a bit of a disappointment in a way. It was just as vast and loaded with sellers as I recall, but all the fabric was mass-produced ... nothing was handmade and everything was cotton. No handwovens, no mud cloth, no true batik, no bark cloth, no embroideries, no tie-dyed or block-printed damasks, no flannels. And in every booth all the fabric was pre-cut into fat quarters and jelly roll strips so not of much use to somebody wanting to do anything other than specific types of patchwork ; certainly wasn't expecting anybody to lug in entire bolts and cutting tables but there did used to be more one and two metre lengths of entire widths of fabric on offer and of course all the handmades were whatever sizes came off looms. One vendor from Saskatchewan was the exception ... they had half metre cuts of printed batiks (at an "any 6 for" price and also ... wonder of wonders ... three metre cuts for use as quilt backs. Haven't opened mine up yet but the sign said these were all 118" (that'd be the three metres) long and 102" wide (a little over 2.5 metres). Usually only upholstery fabrics are sold in that kind of width, so had to grab one of those (was 10% off when I got to the till ... bonus!) Even if this turns out to be two narrower lengths of three metres, I'll still be happy 'cause it's pretty and was a good price.

So the final score: one three metre cut quilt back, six half metre cuts (two of which are duplicates to give me a full metre of that colour/design), and a package of of metallic threads. :-)


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sealwhiskers From: sealwhiskers Date: 24th May 2015 20:31 (UTC) (Other places)
I love the color and designs on the smaller cuts. So, does this mean you are going to make a quilt, or am I just misunderstanding everything?
jlsjlsjls From: jlsjlsjls Date: 24th May 2015 21:12 (UTC) (Other places)
Oh, I have no specific plans at the moment; this shopping was sort of the equivalent of a painter accumulating tubes of pigment in order to have a variety to choose from when they actually get 'round to starting a canvas. While I did learn hand quilting from my paternal grandmother (of the four quilts I own, three were made by her) and certainly possess the cutting and sewing skills to assemble a quilt top, the fabric has other potential uses.

The half-metre cuts all put together aren't enough for a decent-sized quilt top for even a twin bed. However the two pairs of matching half-metres are, now that I've unfolded one and checked the width, are each enough for a vest (one piece to make the back, one to make the two fronts). Or I could do a little mix-and-matching for a shirt or a light jacket of some kind (something along the lines of this Koos van den Akker design). Shall have to pull other fabric pieces out of my stash and see if I can find a combo to my liking.

The red fabric ... well, if it truly is a single piece of the dimensions advertised then I most likely will be thinking quilt; as I mentioned in my post this type of fabric width isn't easy to come by in this type of patterning and it'd be a crime to cut it up to make a garment. If it's two pieces requiring seaming to create the width, I might still think quilt or I might be more inclined towards shirt making. We shall see ... (and if it is quilt, well I'm fortunate enough to have the biggest quilt fabric store in Canada happen to be located in a strip mall kitty-corner from my apartment building, a whole two-minute walk away ... very handy for looking for fabric for a quilt top to go with it ***grin***)
2 thoughts or The gift of your thoughts