JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

A very good day ...

Newly trimmed/shaped hair is now more than 50% natural and slightly-dubious-last-time hairdresser is now much more enthused about what has emerged from under the old dyejobs. :-)

Decided since I was practically halfway there by being in Bridgeland, that I might as well hop a train north rather than south and visit Edelweiss for a little exotic grocery shopping as I hadn't been there in ages. Three boxes of scrummy/addictive Roka gouda cheese biscuits, two boxes of handy-for-end-of-long-days vacuum packed sliced potatoes with onions (even the smidge of cooking oil is included in these ... you just open, dump in frying pan and cook until golden), and two bags of Ghirardelli chocolate chips.

And then, being that far up in the northwest quadrant of the city already, went a two more stations north and visited The Knitting Room, which I've only been to a couple of times before because it's the absolute furthest-from-my-home yarn shop in the city (the other three are much closer and all take less than half the travel time that this place requires). A bit disappointing as in the time since my last visit their stock seems to have skewed to mainly Berocco and Diamond brands, which you can get pretty much anywhere, but I did find a few treasures I haven't come across in my most local shop: four skeins of Punta Yarns Montoya Beach (100% linen), two in "Ladrillo" (dark red) and two in "Dunas" (natural) and one skein Manos del Uruguay Alegria (75% Merino/25% Nylon) in a nameless (it just has a boring number) fluorescent rainbow colourway ... it was the only skein of this yarn in the shop and it looked so terribly lonely hanging there by itself (and it'll be SO rejuvenating in the dark of next winter ... click here if you want a good look at all sides of its vivid glory)

Edited to add: according to the Manos del Uruguay website that neon rainbow colourway is called "Candombe." Which sounds way more interesting than "A9452." ;p

Tags: knitting

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