JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

The joys of a lazy morning ...

Drinking coffee and checking out the new pattern listings on Rav (because, just like every other crafter on the planet, she's a masochist who suffers from the delusion that she'll somehow figure out a way to make all the things). Been a while since I've done this and there's some exceptional pretties on offer:

Knitangle: A nonsymmetrical beauty! I HATE making bobbles but this makes me willing to suffer each and every one of them because it'll be worth it. The only other time I've ever voluntarily done bobbles on this scale was when I made tommdroid's dalek (there were 56 ... see? it's branded on my brain ... and she was worth each and every one of the little horrors)

Winter Song

Herding Cats

Restless Nostalgia




Let's Twist

And oooooo! Sock Madness patterns! Sock Madness is an annual multi-round speed competition and the specially-designed-for-this-event patterns that must be completed by participants frequently border on the insane (even the ones that look simple have some hidden trick to them) ...
This year's: Sock Madness 9

Past competitions:
Sock Madness 8
Sock Madness 7
Sock Madness 6
Sock Madness 5
Sock Madness 4
Sock Madness 3
Sock Madness 2
Sock Madness 1
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