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Taking tomorrow off just 'cause (which is always the best reason). Appointment for haircut at noon so I can have a nice, leisurely morning; this January I decided to start growing out the accumulation of red dyes as there now appears to be a decent amount of natural white appearing and I wanted to get a decent notion of what my hair actually looks like. Being "graying" was rather dulling as that colour seemed to be replacing all my natural red (and that's what led to that first paint job back in July 2003), but white is quite acceptable as it puts multitone back in. And I have great hopes of it being like Dad's ... he went gray quite young with a touch of steel at the temples, then silver with still the darker temple touches, then glittery frost white with silver temples. I can now tell that white is much denser at my temples than elsewhere so it's looking promising so far. I'm only one third natural and two thirds red at the moment though that should be closer to half and half once N. and her scissors get at it tomorrow. The mark of a great hairdresser ... she did some nifty vertical shaping last cut so that I don't have a severe colour-change line going 'round my head ... instead it's all softened and erratic and vaguely natural looking. :-)

And if I decide I don't like it au natural then I'll have a nice fresh base for a new shade o' six-block red!

Finished my Hitchhiker on Monday night and only have about four centimetres of that precious one-of-a-kind handspun yarn left over! Quite pleased with myself about that. I actually ran out of yarn two thirds of the way through the last row but thanks to a nifty crochet hook method I was able to leave that as is and bind it off without waste (any knitted bind-off would have required undoing the partial row and the full row before that and then using that yarn in the bind-off ... the crochet hook method doesn't eat any yarn). Photo soon!

And finally got my print edition of "Tracker" on Tuesday ... since I raced through the first reading of the ebook edition in what-happens-next! mode, I'll use this for my second, catch-all-the-details slow read. (I prefer reading the paper editions, but have found that the ebooks make a useful "index" ... with events and characters now spanning about twelve in-series years (and atevi years are longer than ours ***GRIN***) one has to sometimes look up people, places, politics, and associations to refresh one's memory and word-search is a wonderfully quick way to do that. :-)

But tonight I've pulled another volume off the to-read pile and started reading the fiction part of Needles and Artifice, which I've kept forgetting is a steampunk story as well as a pattern book and so kept putting it away in the bookcase with the other not-currently-in-use pattern books. Figured I'd better grab it next before I absentmindedly did that again. Three chapters in and 'tis great fun!
Tags: knitting, reading

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