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Recreational reading

Been devouring graphics today (any spring Saturday that has snow forecast is an automatic hibernation day) ...

Adam Warren's Empowered unchained: First volume of a series intended to collect all the various Empowered special tales that are published outside of the main book series. All the stories were good, the much-anticipated-by-me Maidman interview was a hoot, flashback to college-student Emp ranting about how superheroes inefficiently use entire cars as throwing weapons and explaining a more effective method (along with a few other comments) was both giggleworthy and marvelous (Warren draws a wonderful pissed-off Emp), and "Nine beers with Ninjette" was heartbreaking ('jette is an alcoholic and fully aware of it; seeing her drinking beer after beer and reliving the good and bad memories associated with each bottle brought a tear or two)

Then I continued the tragic theme with Eric Powell's Occasion of revenge (volume fourteen of "The Goon") and Mike Mignola & Christopher Golden's The apostle and the witch of Harju (volume five of "Baltimore"). Evil, evil Powell ... bringing a glint of light into Goon's life only to slam him into darkness yet again. In the "Baltimore" world I totally expect horrible things to happen to everybody and most of 'em to die, but this time 'round a character who seemed set to be another redshirt not only survived but joined Lord Baltimore's little band of monster hunters (granted, replacing a deceased-in-the-same story member ... can't have it ever be sunshine and fluffy kittens in Baltimore's world, it'd freak him out)

After that on to two very different and somewhat cheerier volumes by the French team of Hubert and Kerascoël: "Beauty" and "Miss Don't Touch Me". My first time reading anything by this author and artist and enjoyed them both very much. I want more. "Beauty" is a fantasy story that follows a very different path than any traditional fairy tale, showing how a wish can become a curse that lasts a lifetime when granted; "Miss Don't Touch Me" is a mix of mystery, suspense, and the seedier side of life in 1930s Paris, with a few cameos by RL people such as Elsa Schiaparelli and Josephine Baker (who visits the brothel because she wants to see the transsexual prostitute who impersonates her). Will definitely be glad to read more by this pair. :-)

And now back to Charles Stross and "Saturn's children" (reading it for the first time ... about 2/3 of the way through!)
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