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New adventure of the day

Had a nightshirt that Semmie had requested completed except for sewing on buttons ... my least favourite sewing exercise in the universe after handsewing hems ... detect a pattern here? Yes, I confess it, I have no patience with handsewing clothing (I know, Alison, I'm a heretic ***grin***), although, strangely, I"m happy to sit and work very large cross-stitch projects in very small scale (must be the colour variety that keeps me happy). Anyway, decided to try out the button sewing aspect of my new sewing machine ... something I've always been mildly suspicious of. After an amusing bout following the directions (which had the button squirting out from under the presser foot while I tried to align the needle to the holes), I ignored 'em and followed instinct instead ... and now I'm a machine button sewing convert!!!!! :-)))))))) Hell, I may even get all my other sewing projects completed within this decade now!!!!!!

For the record and for those who remember me jokingly looking for naked elf fabric way back, your imagination may clothe Semmie in amethyst flannelette, patterned with sky-blue teddy bears and little red hearts. Hey, she SAID I could choose the fabric! ;-)

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