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Ah, Martina Behm! - The Bibliophile
Too busy reading most likely ...
Ah, Martina Behm!
How I love thee and thy simple, classic, show off the yarn designs. She's just released a lovely new pattern called Braidsmaid. For those not in the know, the reason this one is special is that that's a reversible cable ... meaning the shawl is also reversible because the cable will appear as a cable on both sides. Thus it can be thrown on any old way without having to fuss over making sure it's right side out; if you own a sweater or socks with cables then you know the back side of them is an unattractive puckered mess and that's definitely not a desirable look in a shawl or scarf.

This one is definitely going on the want-to-make list! :-)

P.S. Some of Behm's designs have hidden possibilities ... I love her little how-to-wear-"x" videos:



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