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Consolation prize - The Bibliophile
Too busy reading most likely ...
Consolation prize
I may not be getting my print copy of "Tracker" right away but today I did get Nancy Baker's first-book-in-twenty-years, "Cold Hillside. Here's hoping two decades hasn't blunted her storytelling skills.

For anyone not in the know, Baker is a Canadian author who was notable up here in the mid-90s for writing three vampire novels that were set in Canada (this was before everybody and their dog was cranking out bloodsucker tales). The Night Inside takes place in Toronto, Ontario, and its sequel Blood and Chrysanthemums in Banff, Alberta. The standalone A Terrible Beauty, which is also a most unusual retelling of "Beauty and the Beast", is set in northern Alberta.

And those three were it. Until now. :-)

P.S. Back when I was bombarding you lot with my favourite book series about a year and a half ago I did include a post about the Toronto/Banff pair of titles (they are very much worth seeking out and reading).


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