JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Almost ...

Had a brief weep-for-joy moment while waiting to cross the street on the way home from the grocery store this morning ... a kid skipped up to the far side of the intersection (diagonally across from me) and actually READ the little sign under the signal button, then was looking back and forth at the street signs, obviously trying to figure out which street he was crossing!!! All spoiled by what was presumably his mother approaching and yelling at him to press the button (and then they stood waiting to cross in the no-button-required direction).

Ah well, one day he'll be out on his own and hopefully still have his read-the-instructions ability intact rather than suffer the far-too-common delusion that crossing buttons are magic read-your-mind-and-change-the-signal-in-whatever-direction-you're-going-instantly buttons. (I know that YOU are all intelligent enough to know how they REALLY work ... it's the rest of the world I despair of)

P.S. I'm not speaking of midblock crosswalks and their buttons but the the buttons that reside at street intersections where a secondary street crosses a major one and thus has skewed timing on the vehicle traffic lights.

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