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Escher! - The Bibliophile
Too busy reading most likely ...
Another of those no-I'm-not-going-to-but-damn-that's-fantastic!!! patterns ... a blanket based on one of Escher's tesselation designs: On the shore. I am constantly in awe of the determination and engineering that people put into these figuring out these creations (and then they write it out coherently for the rest of the world!)

P.S. It's not that I couldn't make one ... my one mad knitting skill (besides being able to get perfect even stitches without tensioning "properly") is that I am apparently able to follow/figure out any instructions successfully. Probably due to a lifelong history of always reading the manual. ***GRIN*** But the description says each critter is knitted separately and then the whole lot have to be sewn together. I love knitting, hate seaming. So I'd just end up with a bagful of unassembled bits and pieces. Now if this was all knitted in one piece (an even more fantastic piece of engineering but probably doable) I might go for it. Instead, I think I need to see if there are any other Escher-based patterns out there ...


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