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Still counting down ... now a most fortunate nine days to go!

He had replied to the dowager with, Please accept my intentions to attend breakfast on the 15th, to which I look forward as a reward of a long work schedule. I would be there every day, but my days break with phone calls and emergencies. I reserve the 15th with determination not to be cheated again of the pleasure I find in your company.
"Is it too forward?" he asked Tano, his arbiter of protocols. "Tell Cenedi to read it and send it back if it won't be well-received. One doesn't know how far I dare go with the dowager. But I esteem her greatly."
And back came the message from Ilisidi herself, saying, If we were more reckless we would cause rumors, nand' paidhi. Come early on the fifteenth. Watch the dawn with me. Let us worry the nosy old woman of the balcony next. I know she suspects the worst.
One could truly adore the old reprobate.

Tags: bookseries: foreigner, reading

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