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Counting down ...

"How is his fluency lately?" Banichi asked.
"Improved just enough that he can get out of the children's language and into serious trouble. He's learned the words that pertain to this apartment and to the space program and engineering. His vocabulary is quite good for 'where is?', 'bring me food' and 'open the window,' and for 'machining tolerance' and 'autoclave.' Still not much beyond that--but acquiring felicitous nuance."
"One would be hard pressed to join these items in conversation," Banichi said dryly. "Even with nuance."
"One would." He was amused, and felt the unwinding of something from about his heart. Tano didn't tend to catch him up on the daily illogics of his trade, but Banichi would jab him, mercilessly. So would Jago. He had to revise the rules of his life and go on his guard all the time, or be the butt of their humor. And he enjoyed it. He fired back. "So what did befall lord Saigimi?"
"One hears," Banichi said, "someone simply and uncreatively shot him."
Tags: bookseries: foreigner, reading

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