JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

More "Foreigner" countdown ...

Creative space station invasion methods and atevi logic:

"We pass out brochures?" Banichi asked, incredulous. "Like a holiday?"
Simply put, it sounded chancy. "Jase believes he can compose a compelling message."
Banichi leaned back from the table, simply contemplating the matter. Then: "So we take this prisoner. And distribute brochures. And perhaps we shall find Sabin-aiji and find out her intentions. There are very many pieces to this plan."
"And I shall go with you."
"No, Bren-ji."
"Absolutely necessary. I can walk up to humans and wish them good day. You are far more conspicuous, nadiin-ji."
"He has a point," Jago said. "If these humans threaten us, we might hesitate to shoot them; but if Bren-ji is with us, we shall have no hesitation."
He had lived long enough among atevi that he had no difficulty following Jago's reasoning. There was a basic logic in it, instinctive protection of their household, with which he found no inclination to argue.

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