JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Day three

Booked today off from work to give myself an artificial long weekend. Seeing as the odd flickering I could see through the window when I woke this morning turned out to be, once I got my glasses on, snow blowing past sideways, I think I picked a good day to spend on a bit of well-deserved extra reading/knitting/unlaxing. ;p

Hmmm ... heavy decision-making now. Back to that complete Retief compilation? (next up in the book is the one-and-only Retief novel). Or finally read "Neutron Star" for the first time? (I've read most classic works of science fiction but this story has always eluded me by being out-of-print or otherwise unobtainable ... recently learned it was included in Crashlander and so got a copy of that book a couple of weeks ago)

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