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Another one off the needles! - The Bibliophile
Too busy reading most likely ...
Another one off the needles!
Oh, it feels good to be finally finishing up some of my projects. Just finished binding off Mab, which I started last January and had been languishing two thirds done since then. Was feeling particularly badly about this one as the designer had gifted me a copy of this pattern as a thank you for finding and helping figure out the fixes for errors in one of her other patterns.

This one is going to need serious blocking to remotely resemble something wearable so it's now on the must-go-on-the-rack pile ... I really must get one of those big foam floor jigsaws for this purpose rather than having to wait for a day off when I wake up early AND am alert/coordinated enough to put clean bottom sheet on bed, wash shawl, and thread on blocking wires/pin out properly (done in a timely enough fashion a shawl is usually thoroughly dry in about twelve hours, thus allowing me to remove it and use the bed myself that night ... sooner if the great outdoors is in an open window mood)


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