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Fuzzy things in my mail today! :-) - The Bibliophile
Too busy reading most likely ...
Fuzzy things in my mail today! :-)
Got the red-orange "Pope's Hill" just before Christmas just to see what the Ram Wools house yarn was like. And decided to add a couple more colours to my collection: the blue-violet "Northern Lights" and green "Spruce Hollow". Yes, the "Spruce Hollow"green IS that vivid. And what appears black on the "Northern Lights" is a violet so deep that it hovers on the edge of the human visual spectrum. My excuse for buying these two extra skeins (and in these colours) is this: Stinging Nettle. I think that if I make and wear this, winter drivers will likely be able to see me in the morning dark even if all the streetlights go out. ;p



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