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Counting down ...

An imminent new volume in a beloved series invariably leads to thinking about highlights of past volumes.

Like Bren and Banichi trying to out-tough-wounded-guy each other ... (For the uninitiated, Bren is currently suffering a borderline concussion while Banichi has a rather serious gunshot wound which he's torn the stitches out of, and nearly bled out as a result, once already)

"Banichi has waked," Narani informed him, "and he says he is feeling better."
"Is he following nand' Siegi's orders?"
"Somewhat, nandi."
Somewhat. He drew in a deep breath, set his feet on the ground, and said, "Thank you, Rani-ji."
He didn't wait for his valets. He put on his robe and headed down the hall barefoot, straight for the security station, where, indeed, Banichi sat--in uniform, shirtless, but having a heavy uniform jacket draped about his shoulders. The arm was, yes, still taped, Bren noted critically. But boots were on, hair was in its queue, and Banichi was sitting there upright.
"Is this approved, nadiin?" Bren asked.
"It seemed we would do more harm stopping him," Tano said
"Of the two of us,"Banichi said, looking at him, "I seem to be faring better at the moment."
Barefoot, in his dressing robe, with his hair disheveled and with a brutal headache, Bren said, perhaps a bit shortly, "The dowager has invited me down the hall to dinner tonight. I shall need two attendants, amid all the others who will be present. One of them will not be you, Nichi-ji, and no amount of argument will convince me. You will not need your dress uniform.
Banichi nodded graciously. And was amused.
"He believes, however," Jago siad, "that he will be in the escort at the young gentleman's Festivity."
"The young gentleman," Banichi said, "would be disappointed otherwise."
One entirely understood that point; the youngster had regarded Banichi as a second father during the ship voyage--not to say Banichi had declined the attachment. Banichi would be sorely disappointed to be kept from that event.
"That will be a considerable time standing," Bren said, not happily; and looked to the others. It could not be the first time a Guild member had been on duty while injured. "Is there a way he can sit down?"
"The service hall," Algini said. "We can arrange a chair to be there ... granted his sincere undertaking to use it from time to time."
"You will use it," Bren said to Banichi. "Are we agreed?"
"Two chairs," Banichi said.
He and Banichi were, in fact, a matched set; and an available chair during three hours of standing about, in the case the room started to go around, sounded more than sensible.
"One agrees," he said, wondering whether his entire aishid had just collectively put one over on him.

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