JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Great moments in superheroism ...

"Okay ... I'm gonna go pee, then I'm gonna fight robots--"

I've been enjoying a week without overtime, including this weekend, in which I've also been spending minimal time online (seeing as remote computer access is how most of my overtime is accomplished). It's been marvelous feeling my brain come back online in noncataloguing mode, doing fun stuff in blocks of time instead of snatched bits and pieces. :-) Messing with yarn, leafing through an accumulation of for-when-I-have-time magazines, listening to music and Monty Python, enjoying the sun and the snow, and !!!reading!!! The to-read pile has been quite an accumulation of late, and I've also been saving some items that were actually quick reads for when I had time to savour 'em. The two volumes of Paul Cornell's "Three Months to Die" being in that latter category, and I read those yesterday (hence the made-me-chuckle quote from the first volume above ... I'm gonna seriously miss the Canuck and his, when in the hands of a half-decent writer, practical approach to the whole superhero thing). Then took a break with a Richard Matheson anthology which I've just finished and now I figure I'm psyched up enough to tackle Soule's "Death of Wolverine". Then back to the latest volume of Michael Palin's diaries, which I'm about a third of the way through (diary entries do make ideal fragmented reading ... no real plot to have to follow). After that ... who knows? (probably alternating between the "real" books by Sara Waters, Brian Fagan, Arturo Pérez-Reverte, and Stephen Fry, and that stack of X-Men "history" volumes I've accumulated). And then I'll have the online world to catch up with as well

But for right now, me, some tissues, and the hopefully-temporary end of an era ...

"Aww, who's a sentimental wittle mutant murder machine?" (yeah, only one of Logan's Girls could say that, while patting him on the head, and live ... ***GRIN***)
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