JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

And I ended up starting something completely different ...

... and we'll just blame that on my watching Monty Python's Flying Circus DVDs all day, 'kay?

Because the handspun I bought from Laura Chau has been sitting on my desk since I got it and it's all happy, brighten-your-winter-day colours and I keep petting it.
So I handwound it.
Chau labeled it as veering between fingering and sport weight; in the skein it appeared as if fingering was in the majority but winding proved the opposite to be true.
So that kinda cancelled my original notion of using it to make her Milkweed (I might have got away with it but the thought of running out of yarn just shy of the bind-off was too scary ... heavier yarn = using bigger needles if you want the shawl to bend = more yardage required ... 30 metres is simply not enough more and the odds of finding anything that exactly matches a skein that's unique in both ply and colouring are, well, snowball's chance in Hell about says it)
But with one-of-a-kind one really wants to use every possible bit.
So I'm turning it into a Hitchhiker, which is easily made with thicker yarn on bigger needles and you just keep going until you run out of yarn or think it's big enough ... whichever comes first. Don't know if I'll manage the ideal 42 teeth on the long edge but I can hope. :-)
Tags: knitting

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