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My very own copy of PC Annoyances arrived today!!!!! Looking forward to spending some of my evening remodeling my computer's innards ... starting, hopefully, with that stupid little notice that pops up about once a month to tell me that I have unused icons on my desktop and would I like 'em cleaned up? I honestly don't mind it appearing ... what BUGS me is that after I tell it "no", it will pop up a second time, about sixty seconds later, and ask me AGAIN ... as if it can't ACCEPT the fact that I want it to keep its electronic mitts off my icons! :-(((

Extra annoyances that came up after the book was published can be found here :-))))

UPDATE: I'm already happy and I'm only on page 12! I've long been grousing about Outlook Express's inability to "hide" long URLs (Netscape mail, which I used at the college, lets one hide the link behind a shorter piece of text, HTML-style) ... now I have a cute little scissors icon on my toolbar that leads to SnipURL.com, a free site that will shorten a URL without rendering it inoperable!!! :-)))))
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