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:-D - The Bibliophile
Too busy reading most likely ...
I've knitted half a leaf!!! Now just have to make twenty-four more joined onto this one and then I get to turn around and knit twenty-five other halves to turn them into whole leaves! ('twas actually quite simple to do once one got past fiddling around trying out different cast-ons to see which one "felt" best for this)



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sealwhiskers From: sealwhiskers Date: 24th December 2014 18:37 (UTC) (Other places)
That looks like it will be pretty when done! I wish you some wonderful and cozy midwinter days my friend. *HUGS*
jlsjlsjls From: jlsjlsjls Date: 24th December 2014 19:53 (UTC) (Other places)
And a snug, warm and wonderful midwinter to you as well.

We got told to go home from work just before noon today, so made a side trip to Ten Thousand Villages to pick up a fresh supply of hot chocolate and now I don't HAVE to go anywhere unless I feel like it until January 5.

P.S. I think this shawl is going to look amazing. :-)
2 thoughts or The gift of your thoughts