JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Pretty things

As promised, the Kauni Lace that came in the mail last night. Colourway name isn't terribly exciting ... it's called "XEX" ... but oh, it promises to look amazing when it someday gets turned into this. For scale: see that needle lying across the skein? The one that's MUCH thicker than the yarn? That's a 2 millimetre needle (the needle size I'll be knitting this yarn on). 'twas interesting to discover, when I broke down and started hunting for Canadian Kauni dealers (already knew nobody here sells it), that while there are several places one can buy the heavier Kauni Effekt yarn only one shop in this country stocks the lace ... even more interesting that this sole dealer is a co-op shop in Winnipeg rather than one of the big online stores. That orangeish skein of MUCH heavier yarn beside the Lace is one of their house brand yarns that's kettle-dyed by the co-op members ... a bulky weight called Flock Fest in "Pope's Hill" colourway. It's a barely spun single-ply ... kinda like a 110-metre squooshy sheep dreadlock. Don't know what I'll do with it yet but I know whatever it turns into will be superwarm and featherlight. Maybe something colourwork, which is a blatent attempt at an excuse to buy more colours of this ... :-)

Tags: knitting

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