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Happy dancing

Semmie arrives today!!!! TODAY!!!!!!!! Even the inside of the fridge looks more homelike, somehow ... due to containing the fruits of this morning's grocery shopping: goat cheeses, soy eggnog, diet Coke, chocolate cherry amaretto soy ice cream in the freezer. All evidence that somebody other than myself is eating out of the thing :-)))))

Have been giving this reunion a lot of thought (naturally) as we went through planning and confirming dates, etc. And after fourteen months together and four months apart (and giving thanks for the existence of long distance, e-mail, and the Internet) I can honestly say, Semmie luv, that you're one of the sweetest souls I've ever encountered. Falling in love was inevitable for me; it would be easier for me to grow six inches taller by wishing it than it would be to stop loving you. I treasure every moment of knowing you, both as friend and as lover, and plan to treasure billions upon billions more moments.

Merry Christmas, darlin'

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