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It's been a very BOOK day today!

At work newly-released copies of Peter O'Donnell's The Grim Joker and Nancy Marchant's Knitting Fresh Brioche (the latter causing some serious jealous drooling among co-workers) were delivered unto my desk.

After work, off to the comics shop where I made a nice dent in my shopping/wish list: along with issue 5 of "Storm", issue 9 of "Nightcrawler", and issues 13 & 14 of "Amazing X-Men" I also scored copies of Serenity: Leaves on the Wind, Jason Aaron's Wolverine: Japan's Most Wanted, Warren Ellis' Storm, and Paul Cornell's Wolverine: Three Months to Die, book 2!

And bonus: no overtime from home this weekend so I'm gonna get to log some reading time with these and more! (happiness is having your contact person for your biggest library client drop in on Friday afternoon to say that their 2014 book budget is pretty much spent a few days ahead of estimate, which means my annual major December stress-causer is now done and dusted for this year ... hurrah!)
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