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Because balance is so important to good health ... - The Bibliophile
Too busy reading most likely ...
Because balance is so important to good health ...

(I know the multi-colour of the yarn obscures the fancy stitchery but really wanted the colourfulness as these are heavy socks which means dead of dark winter wearing when the brightness is desperately needed. Original pattern photo with clearer view of stitch design is here)

My favourite style of sock heel ... fits the shape of my own heel like a second skin. That it's easier to make and structurally stronger/sounder than the most-often-used flap and gusset heel is just icing on the sock. :-)


We'll just quietly ignore the fact that new project isn't actually using the same needles as the finished socks. Or that the socks were cast on without any other project being completed. Okay?

P.S. Yarn is from a local dyer (she's also responsible for that eyesearing purple I picked up at the fibre fair a couple of weeks ago), colourway is "Basketcase"


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