JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Feeding the dark side of my sense of humour

I know it's going to be a GOOD memoir when I read something like this early in:

Of course, we weren't able to get back to Guy's every day. Lunch was eaten everywhere and covered every variety of meal, from sausage rolls gobbled as we bowled along the Mile End Road in the car to repasts at the Ivy or La Coquille. Sometimes we even ate sandwich lunches in the mortuaries, and there was the famous day when Dr. Simpson, who was always telling West that the floor of Southwark mortuary was clean enough to eat off, dropped a Spam sandwich onto the said floor, which, although certainly very clean, was nevertheless a mortuary floor. There was a heavy silence, during which West eyed Dr. Simpson expectantly. Then Dr. Simpson, with a half grin, half grimace, said, "Well, West, here goes, I said it." He stooped, picked up the sandwich and ate it. "Well done, sir!" exclaimed West.

From "Murder on the Home Front" by Molly Lefebure.
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