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Happy/sad memory

shemhazai's post of last night included a mention of kids with personalities. Got me reminiscing about my niece, Jocelyn, who died shortly before her fourth birthday. My last conversation with her was about a videotape of a Brit-style "Robin Hood" pantomime; she was concerned over whether she should ever watch it again because the Sheriff of Nottingham wanted everybody to yell "boooo!" when he appeared ... she wanted to cheer instead because she liked him the best. And so, she was torn between wanting to see the show again and the fact that she wanted to go against her favourite character's wishes if she did. Pretty heavy-duty ethical dilemma when you're three and a half years old (she knew that he was just a character on tape and would never know ... it was the principle of the thing that was bugging her).

When Jocelyn was two, she rendered every adult at the dinner table voiceless and immobile by asking, with a big grin on her face and a heaping spoonful of peas in her hand, "Wanna see a magic trick?" (when my grandmother worked up the courage to say, "yes", she popped the entire spoonful into her mouth ... everybody was convinced that she knew EXACTLY what she did to them ***grin***)

Jossie would be ten now if she'd lived ... and would likely be sending me e-mails that are even more mind-bending than the ones her older sister passes on (remember those coffee beans, hadesgirl?). I'll always miss her.

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