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More intriguing patterns ... - The Bibliophile
Too busy reading most likely ...
More intriguing patterns ...
... these two both by the same designer:

Scarf Braided With Leaves
Knitted Scarf Murano


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zappo From: zappo Date: 14th October 2014 06:21 (UTC) (Other places)
Whoa! Those are seriously pretty.
jlsjlsjls From: jlsjlsjls Date: 14th October 2014 22:33 (UTC) (Other places)
And you guys only see a tiny sample of the fibre creativity I'm seeing these days. There's not only quite a bit of thinking outside the box, there's the designers like this one who had no idea there was a box. And they're getting to find their own client niche to sell to and profit from their ideas instead of having to please the fashion-industry-driven book and magazine publishers. It's fantastic. :-)

P.S. EVen if you don't knit, crochet or weave it's still okay to register a Ravelry account just to look around ... the amount of incredible Tolkien-inspired designs alone would blow your mind. ;-)
2 thoughts or The gift of your thoughts