JLS (jlsjlsjls) wrote,

Colour craziness soon at a new location ...

Late year I, along with many other fibre fiends, contributed to a Canadian equivalent of Kickstarter that was raising funds to help the Indigodragonfly folks build a studio to work in (right now their kitchen and living room are the dye factory, stockroom, and shipping office) and got pretty yarnz for doing so. The fundraiser was a huge success, more than doubling the original target, and K&R started getting estimates, plans drawn, etc.

And then something even better happened. As of a couple of days ago, rather than having to wait for a new studio building to be constructed, Indigodragonfly now owns the house next door which gives them all the space they were after plus quite a few extras. And today we have a video tour (the Louie K keeps mentioning is an extra-bold resident chipmunk who is the official Indigodragonfly chief of security and sunflower seed inspector)

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