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In honour of the date

Those maestros of pirate rap have a couple of albums available at the "name your price" rate over at the Bandcamp site ("name your price" includes $0.00 but it's nice to toss 'em a few pieces of eight to help cover their rum tab if you're able)

The "name your price" albums are:
Divide the Plunder (part best of, part new tunes, part variant versions)
Sea Dawg's Mutiny (a mini-album ... three songs telling the tale of ... well, the title explains it)

Their first and second albums are currently listed as "free download":

Authentic Pirae Hip-Hop
Rimes of the Hip-Hop Mariners

And album #3, From the Seas to the Streets is listed at a bargain price.

Yes, there is "language" (this is rap/hip-hop after all), but one of the cool things about the songs is that these guys have actually put in some historical research rather than basing their stuff on Disney movies. (for example "Pirate's Code" is based on real surviving ship's documents laying down crew duties, shares, etc.)
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